Day 6 – 1st August – Tour to Kaiteur and Orindiuk Falls
Rain started in the night and was still falling at breakfast as the golfing group (Fazal, Jayne, Bart, Jan, Jerry and Angela) departed for Lusignan Golf Club with worried faces. They managed to play despite the conditions, where any North American course would have been closed.  They were assisted by barefoot caddies (in contrast to Jayne’s new designer golf shoes, which suffered from the water), and wrapped up the day with lunch prepared by the Club Secretary’s mother.  They presented several gifts to the club, as well as the story of Jerry taking 35 strokes at one hole – which the club is now considering renaming in his honour!  
The Kaiteur group (Vince, Nigel, Guru, Cynthia, Roy, Sandra, John and Karen) arrived at Ogle airport and eventually found Diana from Evergreen Adventures (although we had booked through Wonderland). She and Clint (the guide) were with us all day.  A small plane (14 seater Caravan) took us out to Kaiteur. It turned out that Vince knew the pilot from school!  So an hour of flying got us to the falls which we flew over a couple of times to make sure everyone got a picture. Then we congregated in the lodge and Clint led us on a tour down to several of the vantage points where we were advised to keep at least 8 ft back from the edge.  The falls were spectacular, although Diana had been almost beside herself when various members of the party ignored the signs asking us to keep back! We also saw a Golden Frog in a Bromeliad, which was great – the poison from the frog is used by the Amerindians to tip their darts. The tour finished back at the lodge where we had lunch (the food was flown in with us, the waste was flown out with us). Then another short flight took us to Orindiuk Falls which is on the border with Brazil.  We stopped by the house of the local Amerindians before walking to the falls.  These ones were accessible, so we had great massage from the water, being careful around the slippery rocks – Diana was very concerned about someone being injured on her watch! We followed this up with views from another vantage point, which is when the sand flies got us – because the deet had been washed off by the water.  Then we headed back to the plane where Vince got the co-pilot seat and we spent just over an hour flying back –passing over Wales, the National Stadium, St George’s Cathedral and the Everest Ground before landing.  Taxis took us back to the hotel where we took account of the sand fly bites! We rounded off the evening with dinner at ‘New Thriving’ Chinese restaurant in town, which was excellent and good value as well.
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