Day 7 – 2nd August – East Demerara Masters at Everest
It was damp again in the morning although the rain intensity was not as heavy as yesterday’s downpour, but the forecast was not good.  The team boarded the bus at 8.30 and we went to visit the National Stadium at Providence (courtesy of ‘Reddo’ Debydial) where we walked onto the field  - the ground was nice and very well drained. We got to Everest on time for our 11.00 start but the state of the ground was not good (very waterlogged).  First of all we waited, and some of us took a walk along the beach and after a further inspection we tried to clear it up – I personally shifted 15 US gallons of water but made no difference.  A T20 was eventually started with Manuelo making up the numbers for the opposition, but it only lasted 2 overs (and 2 wickets as Nigel was bowled and Guru run out (again – but not his fault this time)) before the rain hit and we called it off ( Scorecard).  Back at the hotel we had a swim (pretty much the first time we had been there when the pool was open (6 AM to 6 PM)!), then a team meeting started at 5.30 and ran until 7.00 with fulsome and well deserved praise for Fazal, Raj and Bart for the organization of the tour.  The only negatives that came out were lack of practice – which was out of our control as we had expected more time on arrival last Friday and the quality of the shirts.  A reception sponsored by Raj followed the meeting, with presentations of equipment and souvenirs for our hosts and opponents.  This apparently carried on to at least midnight – with numerous invitations to return to Guyana in the future, even if not for cricket.  It has been a fabulous week with great people in the team as well as in the opposition and hosts – another great tour was nearly complete.
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