Day 3 – 29th July – Berbice Juniors at Albion
We arose before 6.00 in order to consume breakfast and be on the coach at 7.00.  This was almost managed in the allotted time, and we headed for Berbice and the Albion Cricket Club, crossing the river courtesy of the BBC (Berbice Bridge Company).  We stopped for a comfort break on the far side of the bridge, using a ‘Private Convenience’ for which a nice lady came along (in the uniform of a police officer as far as I could tell) and charged us GY$60 per person (or 30 cents US) for the use of the facilities.  She was tickled that we were a cricket team and asked for photographs, but could not absolve us of the charges for the lavatory.  About 10 minutes later (not the 45 we had been advised) we turned up at Albion Cricket Ground – another very large and well presented ground.  The groundsman was working on the wicket, and the outfield looked soggy (as had Everest yesterday).  There were also a lot of Marabunta wasps around, which worried Bart as he is allergic.  One of Vince’s highlights of the tour was here as Sandra (who is from Berbice originally) was asking the groundsman how to get to her old home.  She could not quite follow what he was saying regarding the direction – luckily Roy got this on film for the rest of us to enjoy.  We warmed up and practiced a bit while waiting for the opposition to turn up for an 11.00 AM start – and Fazal was annoyed at 11.40 that only 5 were present.  After discussion between the board members, Fazal and Bobby Deonarine, it was agreed that we would play the youngsters with whom we had been practicing.  The bad news was that the youngsters who turned up included a West Indies A player (Jonathan Foo) as Captain – the rest being representative players of one sort or another.  So we did not do well – making 74 from 30 overs, and in reply they went well.  I scored for 10 overs then went out, leaving the scoring to Karen with Nigel’s help – but the huge sound system did not help matters.  Jonathan Foo came in and smashed Bart for a 6 on his second ball – losing the ball in the process.  And he hit Sew Shivnarine for another one later on.  So we were about to lose, and Bart asked them not to score too quickly so that we could bowl a few more people.  So they were very kind and held off – and I got to bowl at Jonathan, with one dreadful full toss which he hit into the air and was well caught be Saheed Mohammed (a great run and dive).  Poor ball, bad shot and great catch.  Once the game was concluded, various presentations were made to the Juniors and also to the local orphanage before we headed back to Georgetown (Scorecard)
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