Day 1 – 27th July - Arrival
After our overnight flights from Canada and USA, most of the group arrived at the airport at the same time, and progressed through customs together.  There was a Guyanese breakfast waiting for us at Lotus Resturant, thanks to Bobby Deonarine and Sew Shivnarine for arranging this.  Then we boarded our buses, and ours, driven by Boston, took some detours in Herstelling on the way to Georgetown so that the Singh and Karim families could visit where they had grown up.  We got checked in to the very pleasant Grand Costal hotel and checked out the bar while waiting for the rooms and after unpacking headed off to the Everest ground for a short practice – fielding as well as batting and bowling.  Everest were very welcoming and helpful to us throughout the trip, and this was our first experience of their kindness and excellent facilities. We finished off our practice as the sun went down, but we just had time for a visit to Bourda Cricket Ground, where Raj Singh had organized a quick visit.  Bourda is an historic ground and we got a tour of the pavilion with it’s memorabilia (including the honours board with Shiv on it) before heading back to the hotel via a fish shop, which Vince recommended for dinner.  Manuelo (Ron) took advantage of the wait at the fish shop to get some more beers in, and continued to be a bad influence on the group by forcing several of us to drink more in the restaurant late in the evening.
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