Day 8 – 3rd August – Heading Home
I’m afraid it was an early start for the USA contingent, as they left at 5.30 to catch their 8.00 AM fight.  As the Canadian’s we had a later start, with the bus due at 7.00 – although we had to call Boston to make sure it was coming at around 7.10.  This was a slight stress for some of us, but a relief for Lino who had not had an alarm call from the hotel, and was steaming when she did get her stuff to the front.  Our bus did arrive at 7.22 and we headed for the airport – only to stop for fuel and then a quick stop to (as far as we could tell) let a security guard out of a secure compound for cars!  The ride was around 1h and 20 minutes, then we piled out and went to check in.  Guyana is a wonderful [lace to visit but one thing I won’t miss is the officialdom – the number of forms and stuff that had to be completed and filled in in order to enter and leave the country.  The way these are handled is clearly a hangover from the British Empire.  Our last stop was Duty Free, where El Dorado 15 and 21 year old rum were purchased so that we could toast Guyana when we are back home in Canada.  The Canadians had one more treat in store – Roy was subject to a random search before boarding in Port of Spain, and he was carrying Sandra’s bag with (apparently) her underwear.  The inspection authorities complimented him on his taste!
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