Day 4 – 30th July – Santa Mission and Arrowpoint Resort
An early start for the team at 7.00 AM, and we picked up some other folks and drove across Georgetown to the landing stage on the Demerara River.  Then took to boats and went 17 miles up the river into the rainforest.  The creek led to the Santa Mission (Amerindian Village) were we were given a guided tour and followed that with an afternoon at Arrowpoint Resort where we walked in the rainforest (some excellent leaves for soothing insect bites) then canoes back down the river.  I missed another highlight as Debbie had chose high-heeled sandals for her forest walk, along with immaculately painted nails – which didn’t last long.  Nigel was also good value, as he overshot the landing, and when he pushed off a tree to come back, turned his canoe over!  Another canoe capsized when Jai (Mamu) decided he could take a two person back to the lodge on his own – but he couldn’t.  Luckily the guide came up n a kayak, helped him empty the canoe, put the kayak in it and paddle back with him.  This was followed by lunch (beer and rum provided by Manuelo and Premo) and then a game of beach volleyball which was rather competitive - with Manuelo as self appointed umpire.  It would have helped if we had known the rules, but I don't think that would have stopped Manuelo fining us a case or three of Carib.  Bart spent his day lazing in a hammock and then playing table tennis, which pleased him, and Fazal caught a couple of fish, which pleased him and tasted good.  We did follow Vince's suggestion of using a wasp as bait after one landed on the underside of my hat, but we didn't see a lot of action from it.  Then on the way back we caught a heavy shower, and the only people with coats were the English!  No cover from the rain in open boats going at 20 knots or more.  This trip was one of the highlights – relaxing, interesting and good value, and we were grateful Raj for suggesting it.
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