Day 5 – 31st July – West Demerara Masters at Everest
Team breakfast was at 7.00 instead of 6.00 (grateful thanks from the non-players and players alike) then we headed in to Georgetown, where we wandered through St George’s Cathedral (the largest wooden building in the world) which was very impressive.  Then we had a side trip through some historic colonial style buildings (High Court etc) and ended up at Stabroek market.  A group of us went to get water for the team, which took a long time, due to the complete lack of a recognizable system – causing Fazal’s blood pressure to increase markedly.  Another group (Bart, Jan, Vince, Cynthia and Guru) managed to sweet talk their way into the Parliament building where they got to the edebating chamber.  On the way back, Cynthia took a picture of Starbroek Market, deciding that it should now be known as ‘Starbucks’.  Then to Everest where the early rain had left an even more damp outfield.  West Demerara Masters were already there and for once were a similar age to ourselves.  Game started on time, and they batted first and although we got them out in the last over – but the damage had been done by Naresh Bedasie who hit 89 from 65 balls with 8 sixes and was dropped 4 or 5 times.  Then we replied and Guru ran himself out, which didn’t help.  Roy was slow to start and Saheed went cheaply again.  We got close thanks to Roy, Bart, Fazal and Bally, but not quite close enough – losing by 33 runs in the end (Scorecard).  Mr Looknauth Persaud of King’s Jewelry had provided dinner for us, and we were given more beer to commiserate with, while watching a floodlit ladies softball game, which looks difficult due to the bounciness of the ball.  It was Primo’s 52nd birthday, so Manuelo produced a bottle of Hennessy Cognac which was also consumed with some gusto, resulting in a noisy trip back to the hotel.  
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