Scorecards 2015

Intersquad 9th May

Inverhaugh A beat Inverhaugh B by 7 runs

Inverhaugh A 153 for 8 in 30 Overs

Inverhaugh B 146 for 8 in 30 Overs

Intersquad Scorecard as Intersquad.pdf or Intersqaud.html (smaller download)

Harold Naidu's XI 16th May

Inverhaugh beat Harold Naidu's XI by 135 runs

Inverhaugh 218 for 5 in 35 Overs

Harold Naidu's XI 83 for 9 in 26.1 Overs

Harold Naidu's XI Scorecard as Harold.pdf or Harold.HTML (smaller download)

Shaw Festival 18th May

Inverhaugh beat Shaw Festival by 118 runs

Inverhaugh 191 for 6 in 30 Overs

Shaw Festival 73 all out in 21.2 Overs

Shaw Festival Scorecard as Shaw May.pdf or Shaw May.HTML (smaller download)

Social Match 22nd May

Inverhaugh beat Social Team by 112 runs

Inverhaugh 177 for 1 in 15 Overs (Cockwell 50 n.o.; Deep 51 n.o.)

Social Team 65 all out in 12 Overs

Socail Match Scorecard as Social May.pdf or Social May.html (smaller download)

Tringo 23rd May

Tringo beat Inverhaugh by 1 wicket

Inverhaugh 173 all out 33.5 Overs (Correia 52)

Tringo 176 for 9 in 34.4 Overs (Henry 74)

Tringo Scorecard as Tringo.pdf orTringo.htmll (smaller download)

Hamilton and District Masters 30th May

Inverhaugh beat H&D Masters by 4 wickets

H&D Masters 149 for 9 in 25 Overs (Richards 51)

Inverhaugh 153 for 6 23.4 Overs (R B Singh 64)

H&D Masters Scorecard as H&D.pdf or H&D.HTML (smaller download)

Renegades 6th June

Inverhaugh beat Renegades by 42 runs

Inverhaugh 190 for 9 in 35 Overs

Renegades 148 all out in 34.4 Overs

Renegades Scorecard as Regenades.pdf or Renegades.html (smaller download)

Harold Naidu's Old Timers 13th June

Inverhaugh beat Harold Naidu's Old Timers by 200 runs

Inverhaugh 253 for 5 in 35 Overs

Harold Naidu's Old Timers 53 all out in 25.4 Overs

Harold Naidu's Scorecards as HN June.pdf or HN June.html  (smaller download)

Pirates of the St Lawrence 20th June

Inverhaugh beat Pirates by 94 runs

Inverhaugh 166 all out in 34.4 Overs

Pirates 72 all out in 22.4 Overs

Pirates Scorecards as Pirates.pdf or Pirates.html (smaller download)

TCSSC Associates 27th June

Rain - No play possible

Shaw Festival 29th June

Inverhaugh beat Shaw Festival by 32 runs

Inverhaugh 152 for 10 in 30 Overs

Shaw Festival 120 for 10 30 Overs (Sandoon 57 n.o)

Social Match 12th June

Match cancelled due to rain

British Officers Cricket Club 5th July

Inverhaugh beat BOCC by 35 runs

Inverhaugh 227 for 8 in 35 Overs

BOCC 192 for 9 in 35 Overs

BOCC Scorecards as BOCC.pdf or BOCC./html (smaller download)

Cricketers' Club of New South Wales 18th July

Inverhaugh tied with CCNSW

Inverhaugh 154 for 5 in 35 Overs (Usman 51 n.o)

CCNSW 154 all out in 34.3 Overs (Robertson 67 n.o.)

CCNSW Scorecards as CCNSW.pdf or CCNSW.Html (smaller download)

Hector Duncan's XI 25th July

Inverhaugh beat Hector Duncan's XI by 5 wickets

Hector Duncan's XI 177 for 4 in 35 Overs

Inverhaugh 178 for 5 in 31.2 Overs (R B SIngh 59; Correia 59 n.o)

Hector Duncan Scorecards as HD July.pdf or HD July.Html (smaller download)

Social Match 10th July

R Singh's XI beat T Boodhoo's XI by 5 wickets

T Boodhoo's XI 99 for 2 in 15 Overs

R Singh's XI 103 for 3 in 13.4 Overs

Stratford Festival 3rd August

Inverhaugh beat Stratford Festival by 100 runs

Inverhaugh 242 for 5 in 30 Overs (Kirupal 50 n.o)

Stratford Festival 142 for 10 in 30 Overs

Stratford Festival Scorecards as Stratford.pdf or Stratford.HTML (smaller download)

Loblaw's 8th August

Loblaw's beat Inverhaugh by 4 wickets

Inverhaugh 183 for 6 in 35 Overs

Loblaw's 184 for 6 in 29.5 Overs (Quavi 55, Ameen 51 n.o.)

Loblaw's Scorecards as Loblaw's.pdf or Loblaw's.HTML (smaller download)

TCSSC Associates 15th August

Inverhaugh beat TCSSC Associates by 8 wickets

TCSSC Associates 167 for 8 in 35 Overs (Stewart 58)

Inverhaugh 171 for 2 in 29.4 Overs (Huruli 50 n.o)

TCSSC Scorecards as TCSSC.pdf or TCSSC.html (smaller download)

Social Match 21st August

T Boodhoo's XI beat R Singh's XI by 17 runs

T Boodhoo's XI 101 for 7 in 15 Overs

R Singh's XI 84 for 6 in 15 Overs

Social Scorecards as Social.pdf or Social.html (smaller download)

Hector Duncan's XI 22nd August

Inverhaugh beat Hector Duncan's XI by 2 wickets

Hector Duncan's XI 160 for 7 in 35 Overs

Inverhaugh 161 for 8 in 34.1 Overs

Hector Duncan's XI Scorecards as HD August.pdf or HD August.HTML (smaller download)

Gossai's XI 29th August

Inverhaugh beat Gossai's XI by 4 wickets

Gossai's XI 156 for 7 in 35 Overs

Inverhaugh 157 for 6 in 24.3 Overs (Huruli 55)

Gossai's XI Scorecards as Gossai.pdf or Gossai.html (smaller download)

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